January 17, 2014

Wake up mid-winter // reflections on childhood visits to the mall + an orange smoothie

  I never really went to the mall that much... but the fact that I did only a few times made them each an occasion. It was a visual feast for a little kid... All the shop fronts and the little 'kiosks'.  I loved to walk by the Hotdog On a Stick booth... just to see (and smell!) the superabundance of sliced lemons on hand for their lemonade.  And the cookie booth! There was always a warm waft of baking coming from that one. And sometimes, for a treat, I would get an Orange Julius. I used to love that!  So I was really disappointed when I looked up a copycat recipe and found all sorts of weird ingredients, things I'm trying to avoid. Some even called for eggs (!) In a drink? I don't think so!

So I'd resigned myself to be content with just the memories... until one day, in a flurry of smoothie-making, I stumbled on a flavor combination that tastes remarkably like the drink as I remember it.  

It began with some Meyer lemons - a gift from a friend. Meyer lemon water is delicious, but.. more could be done.

There were a few persimmons needing to be used up.

And out of practically nothing, my peace of mind was temporarily restored. 

Frothy, orange-y, and delicious. There's no better way to chase off winter blues.

"Orange Julius" Smoothie
1 banana
2 small firm-ripe Fuyu persimmons (or 1 large)
1/2 a Meyer lemon
Juice & pulp of 2 navel oranges
1 cup or so water*                                         

Break or slice the banana into roughly 1 1/2 " pieces and add to blender.
Cut the persimmons, stemmed and seeded if necessary, into quarters; add to bananas.
Chop the lemon, discarding any seeds, but using the skin, and add it to the bananas & persimmons.
Squeeze the oranges over the rest of the fruit, then add the orange pulp, removing any seeds.
Add the water, and blend until smooth.
Makes enough for 2 as a snack, or 1 for breakfast.
 *Alternatively, ice can be used.

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