January 29, 2015

Our First Duck Eggs & other signs of spring

Our Muscovy duck began laying eggs early this month, and has continued to lay for weeks. It has been a complete surprise, considering we had thought her to be a male!
  I think that the eggs are just the most beautiful things in the world. They never cease to amaze me. Each day, we gather a new egg, and I can't help but marvel at every little spot and speckle. Each one just seems miraculous. Every day, I am reminded to be grateful; every day is a precious gift.

Spring is just around the corner, and the eggs aren't the only sign: the Meyer lemon is blossoming, as well as the violets; the Anna apple is budding, and the rosemary is flowering (the best time to harvest some branches for drying).

1 comment:

  1. It’s funny to know that a supposed to be male duck laid egg. I am ROFL. Is the duck hatching the eggs now? I wish to see the photos of cute ducklings whenever they are born. The flowers look beautiful.