July 29, 2013

Fire & Ice Ginger. Lychee. Smoothie.

Lychees are fragrant, weird-looking, ancient (think ginko), delicious little tropical fruits.  Their knobby mauve skins, covered with slightly pointy bumps, belie the treasure within. The underside of the skin is a shock of hot pink. Once peeled, the single shiny brown seed barely shows through the juicy, translucent fruit.
They have a flavor all their own. Somewhat bitter, lightly sweet, very floral. Their texture is like that of a firm  grape.   

Lychees and ginger were meant to be combined - the spicy ginger is tempered by the lychee, while the floral flavor of the lychee is enhanced by the ginger bite.  
This smoothie is rather like coconut water and horchata; it's milky, in a good, plant-based way, and it's completely beyond refreshing. Not to mention, addicting.
  This is sweet, but not too much, and not too little, with a nice, smooth, balanced flavor.
I feel so awake after drinking it, and without any caffeine! It's my new favorite morning pick-me-up.     

Ginger-Lychee Smoothie

30 (or so) peeled, seeded lychees
1 knob ginger root, roughly 1x1-inch
1 cup ice cubes

Grate ginger over lychees. Add lychees and grated ginger to a powerful blender. Blend until smooth.
Add the ice and blend until no large ice chips remain.  Strain if desired - the little bits of ginger add a flavorful kick, but make for a slightly chunky drink  - and down, ASAP.  

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