September 26, 2013

Maple-Pear Breakfast Millet

There's something about millet, pears, and maple syrup. 

Maybe it's the buttery, floral millet. Or the deep, sweet maple. Or the juicy, fragrant pear.
Or maybe, it's the way they combine.

Pears are perfect right now. Foraged and given a month's time in a sack to ripen, some are good for pear butter or baking. But not the Bartletts. They are special. They can stay on the tree until almost ripe, and then be left on a counter, or other convenient spot, a few days to finish off.  They are undoubtedly my favorite of the foraged pears, because they require no refrigeration and still ripen to juicy, thin-skinned perfection.  

...The best for fresh eating, or in this case, topping your morning cereal. 

Maple and pear are two flavors meant to be combined, and ideal this time of year.

Maple - Pear Breakfast Millet
To one cup of warm, cooked millet*, add
1/2 a Bartlett Pear, sliced, unpeeled, and
2 teaspoons pure maple syrup.
Mix it up and devour.
Serves one.
* instructions on how to cook millet here

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