May 3, 2013

Hibiscus Flower Tea

It's easy to see why the edible hibiscus is sometimes referred to as roselle.

Tart and tangy, with the most beautiful, deep, rosy hue... it makes a delicious and quenching tea.

To make hibiscus tea, measure one tablespoon of dried hibiscus flowers for every cup of water. To make sun tea, place water and roselles into a clear jar with a lid. Place in a sunny spot to steep for a few hours, until color has deepened.  Another way to brew the tea is to heat water and roselles mixed to a boil, and let cool.  Either way you brew, drink the tea hot or cold, but do store in fridge overnight to develop a more robust flavor. I prefer cold/room temp and unsweetened.
I am in agreement with Fany Gerson, of the lovely Paletas: steeping overnight does seem to extract more flavor from the dried buds. If steeping overnight, leave dried buds and then strain when ready to drink.

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